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CFR Jolly Joker

Postat la: 22.09.2013 - 10:49 | Scris de: ZIUA NEWS


CFR (Romanian Railway Company)private manager, George Micu, appointed by Relu Fenechiu, former Minister of Transport, is also Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa (Romanian Railway Freight Transport Company) AND a Board member of CFR Calatori (Railway Passenger Transport company). George Micu is paid a total of more than EUR 12,000 for his performances. The Control Body of former PM Emil Boc and Ministry of Labour confirmed in writing that George Micu had illegally signed in 2011 five Board Decisions while he was an interim manager of CFR Marfa, appointed by Anca Boagiu.

By Ion Teleanu

Relu Fenechiu, former Minister of Transport, appointed George Micu as General Manager of CFR SA on April 15 2013, following the resignation of Dimitris Sophocleous, the Greek private manager of the company. George Micu was Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa at the time of the appointment. Shortly before, Relu Fenechiu had also appointed Micu member of the CFR Calatori Board. Thus, George Micu became a Board member of all three railway companies controlled by the Ministry of Transport, cashing a monthly amount that exceeds EUR 12,000.

How was it possible for the private manager of a state owned company to be also a director of another company controlled by the Ministry of Transport? Simply so, he fulfilled the wishes of Relu Fenechiu and the State Secretary Cristian Ghibu, who is in charge of all railway activities.

Annoyance, Secrecy and Loads of Money

ZIUAnews presents below the documents certifying that George Micu is currently private manager of CFR SA, where he is paid a monthly EUR 10,000, as well as Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa, under Working Agreement No. 94. In addition, he was also appointed in the Board of CFR Calatori by Relu Fenechiu, but his name is no longer present on the company's website, which mentions only four members, although there is no decision of the General Shareholders' Meeting revoking Micu. How is it possible for CFR Calatori Board to work with four members, when the Government Emergency Decision No. 109/2011 on corporate governance stipulates a minimum of five members? It is State Secretary Cristian Ghibu who has the answer, given that he strongly endorses Micu, who was also his private advisor for a while. However, Cristian Ghibu declined to comment on the possibility of a general director to also hold the position of private manager of two companies controlled by the Ministry of Transport. George Micu also cashes a monthly EUR 2,000 for his position of CFR Calatori Board member. Nevertheless, he was paid a monthly LEI 7,000 prior to his appointment as private manager, when he was only Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa.

Dragos Alexandru Draghici, private manager of CFR Marfa, was extremely annoyed by our questions and declined to comment on the current position held by George Micu within CFR Marfa by appointment of former Minister of Transport Relu Fenechiu. Sources within the Ministry of Transport declared for ZIUAnews that, according to State Secretary Cristian Ghibu, his friend George Micu was not incompatible with the position held since "he is not paid by CFR Marfa, he is currently on unpaid leave of absence from CFR Marfa." It is unlikely the words of Cristian Ghibu are credible, taking into account that the names of both George Micu and the current private advisor of Ghibu, Marius Stefan Vintila, appear on the CFR Marfa payroll.

Anca Boagiu's Protege, protected by Fenechiu

Anca Boagiu, in her capacity as Minister of Transport, appointed on May 14 2010 George Micu Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa, also being assigned some of the responsibilities normally carried by the General Manager. On June 23 2010 Micu asked the General Shareholders' Meeting of CFR Marfa to be elected Chairman of the Board. However, his request was declined two weeks later, on grounds of "no specific attributes for the position of Chairman of the Board." By July 19 2010, when Micu was appointed General Manager of CFR Marfa, he had already signed "on behalf of the Chairman of the Board", five Board Decisions (Decision No. 8/May 27 2010, No.9/June 3 2010, No.10/June 30 2010, No. 11/August 7 2010 and No. 12/July 12 2010), despite the fact that he was not holding that position. The Ministry of Labour and the Control Authority of former PM Emil Boc confirmed the illegal actions carried by the person who is now the General Manager of CFR SA. Eduard Corjescu, Director of Labour Legislation Department in the Ministry of Labour, declared in writing to CFR Marfa on August 2012 that "while Mr. Micu George was assigned some of the attributes of the General Manager of CFR Marfa, he did not have, however, the capacity to sign Decisions of the Board as <<on behalf of the Chairman of the Board>>." The Ministry of Labour also informed that "Mr. Micu should have run the company in accordance with the provisions of a work agreement appropriate to his appointment as General Manager by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the anticipation of a management contract being concluded." The illegal action was also seized at the beginning of last year when Sorin Alazaroaie, Chief of the PM Control Authority, informed in writing that "no management agreement was concluded between July 19 2010 and June 7 2010 between George Micu in his capacity as General Manager and CFR Marfa, represented by the CFR Marfa SA Board, thus breaching provisions of Article No. 2 Line 1 of Government Emergency Decision No. 79/2009." Despite the clear absolute illegalities, George Micu was re-assessed and promoted by Relu Fenechiu.

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