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ZIUAnews brings striking proof of the frauds committed by the "Tribune"

Exclusive: Corneliu Vadim Tudor hides EUR 3.5 million in a Dutch bank

Postat la: 11.11.2013 - 12:15 | Scris de: ZIUA NEWS


Although Vadim Tudor has been complaining for years that he is poor as a church mouse and is in a perpetual "hunt" for rich businessmen that he begs to sponsor his candidacy - to the Senate, Romanian Presidency or European Parliament - he has been since December 2010 the happy beneficiary of an EUR 3,450,000 account opened with ABNAMRO Bank in Amsterdam.

By Razvan Gheorghe

ZIUAnews presents its readers exclusively a bank statement that proves how the "Tribune" placed his savings in the Netherlands in secret, failing to mention them in his Statement of Interests - as required by the legal framework- succeeding at not paying any taxes in his mother-country and at posing as the poorest of them all. We shall also publish a series of documents that prove the financial manoeuvres put together by C.V. Tudor.

Poor man in Romania, millionaire in the Netherlands

Legal worker Teodora Condruz explained the new manoeuvres with foreign currency performed by the former PRM Chairman: "After we proved by written documents that Vadim Tudor has deceited the EU budget with a considerable amount, more than EUR 500,000 and that he did not pay one cent to the state budget (as proved by the documents published by ZIUAnews one week ago) in taxes, we started digging some more in order to find out the whereabouts of Vadim Tudor's money who stole from his own employees' salaries. Thus we discovered that Mr. Vadim is the happy owner of an EUR 3,450,000 deposit opened with ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam! We were given by ABN Amro a bank statement (pictured below) that proves beyond any doubt that Corneliu Vadim Tudor, EMP, stashed his money in the Netherlands and failed to declare it in his statement of interests of 2010 or 2011, as required by the laws currently in effect.

ANI (National Agency for Integrity) Blindness

When we understood that was a new fraud put together by the former PRM leader, we seized the National Agency for Integrity, the only Romanian authority certified to require this kind of bank verifications within the EU borders. My surprise could not have been bigger! Despite my official notification to which I also enclosed a copy of the bank statement as early as August 4 2013, ANI did not start a verification, in spite of ANI main role being exactly to disclose and make public such incompatibilities and financial manoeuvres. First of all, there was some money to be retrieved for the state budget and, second of all, to expose a demagogue whose place is no longer in the European Parliament. We did conclude that ANI is blind, not to say that their lack of action raised some eyebrows."

Mocking the "good faith"

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of EUR frauds committed by manufacuring carefully drafted employment agreements with the sole purpose of forever burrying the European money, Teodora Condruz discovered another obvious misdemeanor designed by Corneliu Vadim Tudor, aimed at stealing funds allocated by the EU. In order to obtain a better understanding of the so-called Tribune's operations, we shall specify that, in accordance with the European Parliament provisions, each EMP is paid a monthly EUR 4,202, as well as money to pay the salaries of his own employees, based on the principle of good faith - a principle that, unfortunately, does not mean too much in Bucharest. Under the same principle, European MPs are refunded all expenses incurred by the institutional activity of the EMPs, such as: expenses made for the office of the EMP, travel costs, including taxi rides, phone costs as well as costs incurred by their political activity (according to EP Office Decision of May 19 and July 9 2008 on the implementation norms of Status of Deputies in the European Parliament, Section 3, Articles 26-28).

From Vadim to Zamfirescu

In other words, Vadim Tudor collected important amounts of money for his EMP office in Romania. In fact, this was the true reason for which the so-called Tribune started the appalling media circus and scandal, broadcast live on all TV networks in January 2011, when he was evicted from the building abusively used in the very centre of Bucharest, Emile Zola Street, time when he obsessively cried out his quality as an EMP. ZIUAnews would like to stipulate that, as proved by documents in the possession of ZIUAnews, the building had been used by the PRM under the terms of a lease agreement concluded between PRM and the RA-APPS (Romanian Agency for State Heritage Assets Protection and Conservation) which had expired as early as December 2008. Despite the abusive usage of the building, only three days upon taking the EMP seat, on July 17 2009, Corneliu Vadim Tudor concluded a lease agreement between PRM and his own EMP office. More, the other party who signed the agreement was Dan Dumitru Zamfirescu, also PRM EPM and husband of Missis Elena Zamfirescu, also known as the local EMP office assistant who, according to the European Parliament payrolls, was paid EUR 33,000 while she is not registered as earning any wage in the national authorities' reports, thus causing a loss to the state budget.

The Criminal Modus Operandi

When asked by ZIUAnews, Teodora Condruz detailed the actions of Corneliu Vadim Tudor. "The closing of the lease agreement certifies that the intention of the former PRM leader was to find another use for the European money, ever since he took his seat in the Brussels Parliament. First of all, signing such a document is an actual misdemeanor, because the initial lease agreement concluded with the RA-APPS had expired as early as 2008. So, there was no role whatsover for PRM to play in signing such an agreement."

The RA-APPS explanation

We sent an official notification to the RA-APPS, because all lease or sublease agreement PRM concluded subsequent to 2008 could have been concluded solely with the agreement of the sole owner, the RA-APPS in this case. Thus we found out that RA-APPS had started a lawsuit against PRM for the expenses incurred by their unpaid bills in Emile Zola Street after the contract expired. I would like to specify that this particular lawsuit is still in progress at the Bucharest Court of Law. In my capacity as legal representative of the current PRM leadership, amassed around Gheorghe Funar, I would like to tell you that it was the lease agreement, combined with the RA-APPS notifications, that led the PRM members to suspend Vadim Tudor from the party he created and to later kick him out. When the multiple misdemeanors were proved, all PRM members understood that Vadim Tudor should be held liable for his financial manoeuvres by himself in court and not along the PRM members.

The EMP office stake

It is rather clear that, despite any legal grounds, Mr. Dan Dumitru Zamfirescu signed the lease agreement with the sole purpose of helping Vadim steal some more money from the European Parliament. Corneliu Vadim Tudor thoroughly analyzed this authority which provides the financial independence of the elected EMPs, only to put together a criminal modus operandi to amass European funds. The lease agreement was drafted with the same purpose, to prove the EP representatives that he did have an EMP office where he carries EMP activities, which brought him more funds. According to the EP rules, the EMP is paid regularly an important amount of money, enough even for canvassing, not to mention that it is also enough for providing the logistics costs, including trips to different places in the country.

The national authorities' lack of concern

Vadim Tudor used all his EMP prerogatives and managed to trick for years not only the national but also European legislation, knowingly causing a huge fraud, while the European Parliament Procedure Regulations impressively aims at supporting the EMPs from all perspectives. However, the major fault goes with the national authorities. The Ministry of Finance, despite having received detailed notifications on Vadim Tudor's activity, did not start an official verification, and neither did the ANI, in spite of the documents so promptly provided by us."

The eviction circle and scandal

In January 2011, during the eviction of the building situated in Emile Zola Street, Vadim Tudor turned the entire building into a genuine circus arena, calling names and threats to the police officers. In a crisis of rage, the so-called Tribune poured a glass of water over the head of Paula Daniela Somaldoc, judicial executor, whom he called "mad bitch" and accused of playing the "realty mob games", intending to rob his party. The former PRM leader also repeatedly tried to hurt the head of the police officers present at the scene to maintain the order. All these actions are misdemeanors and should have been judged as such. After Vadim Tudor's brother, retired General Marcu Tudor, was carried to an ambulance for a high blood pressure episode, Vadim Tudor started shouting through a speaking trumpet in the balcony that a parliamentary party office was "occupied by the Ministry of Interior troops". He accused the police officers of abuse of force in an EU member country and of carrying "the most severe attack against the press and the multi-party system". The Tribune continued his verbal attacks from the same balcony, reminding all present people that he is a distinguished EMP, oppressed by his mother-country authorities.

Funar: SRI and SIE should seize themselves on the matter!

When contacted by ZIUAnews, the current PRM Chairman, Gheorghe Funar, commented in brief the frauds of the Tribune. "V.C. Tudor - the former PRM leader- is the greatest actor in the politics in the last 24 years! He has always aimed at amassing money, he kept secret from the Romanians so many true facts, not only about his financial manoeures but also about his secret fortunes, which now raises serious questions. As most of the people of his kind, V.C.Tudor could not help himself from doubtful financial manoeuvres, as proved with documents by ZIUAnews. The national authorities, including SRI (Romanian Intelligence Services) and SIE (Foreign Intelligence Services), are to pay greater attention to this character. They should analyze him more carefully, this character who caused such losses to the EU budget and to the Romanian state budget."


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