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Ion Bazac lies about NOT having promoted the healthcare copayment through a pyramid scheme

Postat la: 05.11.2013 - 11:43 | Scris de: ZIUA NEWS


Ion Bazac, former Minister of Health, claims to be clueless about the promotion of the healthcare copayment through a pyramid scheme. However, images and documents in the possession of ZIUAnews prove the contrary. Bazac's lawyers urged ZIUAnews to cease publishing all articles on the former Minister of Health. Bazac attended several debates on copayment, organized by the company owned by Austrian-born Bernhard Neumaier, the man behind the medical insurance pyramid scheme.

ZIUAnews recently made public to its readers that Ion Bazac, former Minister of Health, promoted in 2009 a bill on the healthcare copayment through a sly pyramid scheme manoeuvre put together by an insurance company controlled by an Austrian-born businessman. Although Bazac declined any dialogue with ZIUAnews on the topic, upon the publishing of the article he sent ZIUAnews in writing a so-called right of reply through a law house, claiming there was no connection between Bazac and the healthcare copayment bill. ZIUAnews will demonstrate Ion Bazac is no stranger to the healthcare copayment system and, more, the tight connections between Bazac and the family of the insurance broker who started a pyramid scheme health insurance system.

"Kunden Insurance Broker" SRL, Cluj-Napoca based company, controlled by Austrian-born Bernhard Neumaier, compelled an army of insurance brokers to collect signatures to support the healthcare copayment bill. In order to gather as many sales agents as possible, the Cluj-based company started offering multiplication bonuses, compelling each agent to close at least 200 insurance agreements. Thus, the company controlled by Neumaier recruited approximately 25,000 sales agents within a year. Each agent recruited through this system by Kunden Insurance Broker Cluj-Napoca was compelled to sign their support for the healthcare copayment system. In fact, based on this project promoted and endorsed by Bazac in 2009, Minister Eugen Nicolaescu introduced the Romanian healthcare copayment system in April 2013.

Ion Bazac used his law house to inform ZIUAnews that his mandate ended on October 1 2009 and "during his mandate Mr. Bazac did not initiate, promote or approve a bill or deed on the healthcare copayment mechanism." Nevertheless, Ion Bazac had started by April 2009 to promote the healthcare copayment system and in August and September participated in TV debates and workshops organized by several companies, including Kunden Insurance Broker SRL Cluj-Napoca. More, ZIUAnews is in the possession of the substantiation Bazac provided to former PM Emil Boc on the general medical services within the social healthcare system and the healthcare vouchers. Bazac subsequently alterred the substantiation in order to ease the access of certain insurance companies to the copayment system financing.

Bazac and Edith Varga: "Together to the top"

Ion Bazac informed ZIUAnews through his hawyers that there was no connection between himself and the persons mentioned in the article ZIUAnews published last week, namely Bernhard Neumaier, owner of Kunden Insurance Broker Cluj-Napoca and his wife, Edith Varga: "There is no connection between Mr. Ion Bazac and the persons mentioned in your article. Mr. Bazac has never met them." However, in August and September 2009 Ion Bazac attended the Cluj-company organised workshops on the healthcare copayment system, the same company that is owned by Austrian-born Bernhard Neumaier. More, during one of the workshops Bazac was photographed with Edith Varga, Bernhard Neumaier's wife, the photograph being later used by Kunden Broker in a workshop named "Together to the top -First Hand Intelligence."

Sales commission paid in Switzerland

ZIUAnews disclosed the material connection between Bazac and Neumaier: a 458 Italia Ferrari, purchased by the businessman from the company represented by the former Minister of Health. Bernhard Neumaier and his wife Edith Varga were seen driving the car on their wedding day. Ion Bazac informed ZIUAnews that "the automobile Ferrari 458 Italia, license plates B777KBR is found in the Ferrari internal system as registered in Romania to BRD Sogelease IFN SA, main user being Neumaier Bernhard PFA, being purchased on June 29 2010 from Auto Pierre Sudan, official Ferrari dealership in Zug, Switzerland." Ion Bazac hereby proves his knowledge about the automobile purchased by Neumaier and possibly shows his regret for the car not having been purchased from the Ferrari dealership he controls and losing the sales commission.

Bazac's Threats

Ion Bazac's lawyers urged ZIUAnews to "hand over within 24 hours all evidence (documents, records) that support the allegations against Mr. Ion Bazac." Even more, they took over the role of a court of law and urged us "To remove at once the article "Exclusive! Ion Bazac promoted the healthcare system copayment through a pyramid scheme" from your website We also compel you to cease writing, posting on your website and publish in your newspaper ZIUAnews articles that are defamatory to Mr. Ion Bazac."

Covered lawsuit for Paszkany's tenant

There was a lawsuit against Bernhard Neumaier in a Cluj court of law, charging him with starting a pyramid system in the healthcare insurance system. However, the lawsuit was covered due to the influence of Arpad Paszkany, a PDL-loyal Cluj-based businessman. It is also worth mentioning that the registered office of Kunden Insurance Broker is in "Sigma Center", a building office that belongs to the same Arpad Paszkany. Even more, Bernhard Neumaier lives in a villa owned by the Cluj-based businessman Arpad Paszkany.

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