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The Dogpack

Postat la: 04.11.2013 - 15:30 | Scris de: ZIUA NEWS


The death of Ionut Anghel, a 4-year old boy, did not lead to unity and consensus between the political and administrative leaders, in order to take the necessary measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again and to punish the responsible factors. Quite the contrary. It was used as an excuse for the media assassination of political opponents. Ionut's father, who had carried business activities until 2008 with the Bucharest Mayoralty run at that time by Adriean Videanu, holds the current Mayor Sorin Oprescu responsible for the tragedy. The PDL leaders and their loyal media manipulated politically the tragedy of Ionut Anghel, the child who allegedly lost his life torn apart and eaten by dogs in Bucharest, Sector 2. The same PDL leaders held Sorin Oprescu responsible for the tragedy and asked for his resignation. The public opinion was manipulated into public protests asking to get rid of the homeless dogs. The protesters soon started shouting in favour of the PDL, ignorring that the dogs were actually adopted and that the tragedy happened on a private property.

By Voichita Rascanu

The death of Ionut Anghel, the child killed and eaten by dogs in Bucharest, nearby Tei Park, revealed details of the manipulation politicians use in order to gain back their power and of the tragic death of a child being used for the political and media assassination of a Mayor. The death of the 4-year old Ionut also shows the incapacity of judicial authorities in such cases, their inability to run a complex investigation meant to reveal the truth and to punish the responsible factors.

ZIUAnews presents a thorough analysis of the manner the PDL leaders attempted to pass the responsibility exclusively to Mayor Sorin Oprescu and of the business connections between the family of the child killed by dogs with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest during the time when it was run by Adriean Videanu. We shall also expose the errors of the investigators and the awkward
reaction of the authorities.

On Monday, September 2, several TV channels, quoting sources within the Bucharest Police, announced the death of a child, severely bitten by homeless dogs while his elder brother was injured in Tei Park in Bucharest. However, the story hastily communicated by Romanian Police sources was not exactly accurate: the children were in Tei Park with their grandmother who lost the sight of them for a few minutes, the tragedy happened on an empty field near the park exit, the grandmother informed the 112 operators at 12.32 that the children were missing, the police arrived at the scene at 12.36 to find out out that one of the children had been killed and the other returned to his grandmother by a man remained unidentified at that time. The elder child apparently told the unidentified man that he had lost and wanted to go to his grandmother, who was in the park. On his way to the grandmother, he passed by a homeless dog but failed to react in any way, despite having just seen his younger brother killed by homeless dogs.

Sources within the Police announced that the elder brother had been bitten on his foot by homeless dogs but managed to escape. Video footage shows no sign of attack or wound on Ionut's brother.

The respondent police officers walked to the alleged scene of the attack together with Andrei Anghel, the elder brother of the killed child, nearly one kilometre away from the park to the edge of a ravine difficult to step into even by an adult.

Although Andrei was fazed and apparently unable to walk from the place of the tragedy to the park, he managed to lead the police officers on their way from the park to the place where the tragedy happened.

According to the press statement of the Bucharest Sector 3 Mayoralty, released less than three hours after the tragedy, the child was not bitten to death in the park but on a nearby land at Tuzla Street No. 50, private property. "Referring to the tragic accident that led to the death of a child, bitten by dogs, Bucharest Sector 2 Mayoralty informs that the accident happened on a land private property." The reaction of Mayor Neculai Ontanu's subordinates was awkward, to say the least, given that no investigator had specified at that time whether the place the child was found coincided with the place the child was killed. Despite the attempt to pass the responsibility, Neculai Ontanu later announced he would dismiss the Chief of Local Police and a female employee of the Child Protection Services.

Hours later, the press, ISU (Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), ambulance and police teams were more than one kilometre away from the park, on the private property land. They were still waiting for the ASPA employees (Animals Protection Agency) to pick the animals. The body of the young boy was still on the ground.
After the ASPA employees came, they picked the six dogs found at 50, Tuzla Street. According to Razvan Bancescu, the ASPA representative, the dogs they had just picked were responsible for the death of the young boy, although the police investigation was not even by far completed. Not even the preliminary statements had been processed! "We were there with two out of our three teams, we captured all the six dogs of the pack that attacked the child. The dogs will be kept in a shelter in Sector 2 for 14 days, until the investigation is completed, the dogs will be investigated too. It was definitely a dogpack behaviour, only one dog was showing increased aggressiveness. We shall see to their problems", Bancescu concluded.

Once the dogs were captured, the grandmother was taken to Police Section 7 for hearings, where the father of the child was taken as well, only to later return to the park and identify the remains of his child. He managed to identify Ionut despite the hundreds of bites on the body, the scalped head and the damaged face.

The IML employees (Forensic Medicine Institute) picked the dead body for the autopsy.

The political comments and statements started, calling Mayor Sorin Oprescu responsible for not having collected all the homeless dogs in the streets. PDL demands the resignation of Mayor Oprescu, the PDL loyal press started making sensational allegations on the potential expenses of the Mayoralty for dealing with the homeless dogs issue, all NGOs are considered publicly responsible.

Later came the information according to which the dogs found at 50 Tuzla Street had been adopted in 2008 by a NGO called Caleidoscop, run by Carmen Secareanu and represented by a volunteer. Secareanu could not be found, neither the dog shelter she claimed to have. The volunteer worker was found days later, claiming she had no responsibility for the dogs. Although the dogs were legally adopted, people threatened with public protests against homeless dogs and held Oprescu responsible.

The criminal case of manslaughter was registered with the Prosecutor's Office of Bucharest, but the second day the General Prosecutor's Office of Romania took over the case and assigned hereto Romulus Varga, a public prosecutor famous for putting Cioaca (author of murder with body never found) behind bars. Countless and endless hearings started.

Razvan Bancescu, the ASPA representative, was heard at the General Prosecutor's Office, as well as Ionut's parents and grandmother, Carmen Secareanu and the volunteer worker. Although the prosecutor had official knowledge, from the documents, on the ownership and responsibility of the dogs, as well the criminal liability hereof, Carmen Secareanu was allowed to leave Bucharest and disappear without a trace, with no impending criminal charges.

The prosecutor was confused, the media quoted allegedly judicial sources according to which DNA tests had been run that proved that Ionut had not been killed by homeless dogs. They left out the detail that there are no such tests. How could the authorities guess that the animals located at 50, Tuzla Street, were involved in any way in the death of the little boy? They saw their furs, that the mouth of the white dog was covered in blood while the black dogs were not, but they were nevertheless in the yard and, consequently, got the collective assumption.

Despite the claim of the police officers that their investigation was completed, they have no knowledge up to this moment on how the children managed to walk more than one kilometre away from the park on a bumpy road. Days later, the police officers went again to the scene of the tragedy, upon the announce made by the press that a dead fight dog, thought to be homeless, had been found.

The media published images of Andrei and Ionut playing in the park the day when the tragedy happened. The grandmother claimed that they were frequent visitors of Cismigiu Park and had only discovered Tei Park the Sunday before, when she took Ionut for a walk. The images published by the press, but considered insufficient by prosecutor Romulus Varga to be analyzed, also showed the unidentified witness. For days on the press speculated on his reasons to hide. He eventually appeared on Monday and subject to General Prosecutor's Office hearings. He later told the media that he had tried to testify to the police officers all week, only to be completely ignorred. The prosecutor did understand the press would find him too soon.

Forensic doctor Abdo Salem kept the flame up when he declared that Ionut died because of the massive haemorrhage combined with stress factors such as extreme fear and pain, asking the competent authorities to solve the homeless dogs issue, claiming he had seen people bitten or eaten by dogs.

Ionut's grandmother and parents participated in TV shows, being calm and showing no outrage, not blaming each other or the grandmother but constantly talking about the responsibility of the authorities and the sacrifice of their little son, as if they had come to terms with the tragedy long ago. "The punishment of the authorities will be to solve the homeless dogs issue", these are the words obsessively repeated by Ionut's father, also announcing he would attend the public protest against homeless dogs. The parents were widely applauded by the public protesters and treated like leaders. They did not take a step or two back but stayed among the people.

Oprescu, urged by PDL to resign

On the day of the tragedy, as following a signal, important PDL leaders showed up on several TV channels and insistently asked for the resignation of General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, already considered the sole responsible for the tragedy. The public statements against the General Mayor became stronger and stronger every hour.

The PDL spokesman immediately urged Oprescu to resign. "A child was just killed by dogs, no political comments shall be made on the topic, but the homeless dogs management program is run by the Bucharest Mayoralty. PDL Bucharest demands the urgent resignation of the General Mayor", said Mihai Atanasoaiei, former City Executive in the Boc Government.

Adriean Videanu, former General Mayor of Bucharest, was among the first to send solidarity messages to people against the homeless dogs, placing himself, along with his PDL, by the side of the citizens of Bucharest and against Oprescu. The former Mayor claimed his PDL would support the public protests of citizens for killing the homeless dogs.

Videanu also said that by the end of his mandate he had completed the building of a homeless dog shelter not fully used by the current General Mayor. However, Videanu failed to mention that the dog shelter is in a permanent process of rehabilitation and unable to solve the problem of the homeless dogs. "Referring to the homeless dogs situation, I would like to remind you that the homeless dogs shelter was turned over to Oprescu at the beginning of his mandate, all ready to be used. However, only 10-12% of the shelter is used at present (...) The lack of administrative skills of Mayor Sorin Oprescu is to be added to the lies of the PM", said Adriean Videanu, claiming that PM Victor Ponta may establish the legal framework for managing the homeless dogs situation by a Government Emergency Decree "should he only wish so". The same words and ideas could be found in the public statement of President Traian Basescu days later.

Videanu's ideas were also taken over by the PDL-loyal media, following a number of "journalistic investigations" on the unprofessional manner public money had allegedly been spent for managing the homeless dogs issue, all investigations pointing at Sorin Oprescu as the sole responsible for the tragedy. After Videanu and Basescu the next top commenter was Vasile Blaga, Chairman of PDL , who considered a general referendum utterly necessary not for seeking the citizens' approval on killing the dogs but for the resignation of Mayor Oprescu. After attacking Oprescu the PDL leaders accused the alliance at power of having blocked in Parliament the homeless dogs bill proposed by the Boc Government.

Udrea: Oprescu is irresponsible!

Although the former Cotroceni blonde spent a long time working for both former Mayors, Adriean Videanu and Traian Basescu, Elena Udrea declared during a TV-show at the PDL-loyal B1 channel that Oprescu is the sole person to be held liable, that he is irresponsible who places his own interests above the interests of the population. "I think he should have resigned. He should have done it long ago, but especially now, after the tragedy of the little boy eaten to death by homeless dogs in the park. He can no longer occupy this position, he had the possibility and our support to promote a law that could have solved the homeless dogs issue in Bucharest and, nevertheless, we came to this point where a child is eaten to death. He was not even in the country. Do you remember that he was also abroad when the babies were burnt at the Giulesti Maternity Ward? (...) It is a proof that he is irresponsible and that the political manoeuvres come before the general interests of the community. The sole interest of Mr. Oprescu is to maintain his position, although he has done nothing as Mayor. I am disappointed that so many citizens of Bucharest voted for him", concluded Elena Udrea.

Macovei: The General Mayor is a murderer!

Monica Macovei, EMP and one of the key figures in the PDL, also strongly commented against Oprescu over the death of the little boy, holding the General Mayor as sole responsible for this tragedy. "Oprescu should resign and no longer be General Mayor, he did nothing in the last 6 years for the citizens of Bucharest, he did nothing to prevent the death of Ionut and wounding so many other people by homeless dogs. One of the few political correctness gestures of those days, performed by Oprescu, was turned by Macovei into an admission of guilt, a weapon to be later used against Sorin Oprescu. "Two days after Ionut was killed, Oprescu said <<Forgive us all>>. This is an admission of the guilt and cowardness of Oprescu who tried to share the responsibility. God may forgive him as a human, but we cannot forgive Mayor Oprescu, who should have resigned from his General Mayor position on the very day when Ionut was killed. He did not resign then, but he must resign now", Macovei concluded.

Oprescu, under the fire of the PDL-loyal media

The strongest claims were made against Oprescu, without even bothering to verify the full chain of responsibility, by the PDL-loyal TV channels and newspapers like Evenimentul Zilei, Romania Libera and B1TV, disregarding the fact that the homeless dogs were not exactly homeless but adopted in 2008 and sent back in the street by a mutual agreement with the NGOs. Also, they failed to mention that the legal obligation of the NGO called Caleidoscop, owned by a certain Carmen Secareanu who was responsible for the beasts, was to watch the dogs.

Manipulation of public protests. From "No more dogs" to "Oprescu, farewell"

Only days after the death of Ionut Anghel, former singer Nadine, married to businessman Dragos Apostolescu, organized a public protest against the homeless dogs on the streets of Bucharest. Or, at least, that was how the prostests started, because it soon turned into a public execution of Sorin Oprescu. He was urged to resign by the crowd, strongly influenced by the media that conveniently left out two essential elements: the dogs did have an owner and they were on a private property.

The businesses of Ionut's family with Videanu

The brother of Ionut's father, as well as Ionut's father himself, were partners in several business associations with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest, run by Adriean Videanu at that time. More, the company that owns the private land where the tragedy allegedly happened is Laguna Tei, formerly involved in a lawsuit with a business associate of Ionut's father and his brother.

ZIUAnews exposes below the business associations between the father and uncle of the little boy Ionut with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest while it was run by the PDL.

Ionut's father was successively associated with his brother, Anghel Daniel, in companies like Convan SRL, Deal Global SRL and Romet Packing SA, as well as with a third person, Milica Radu.

Convan SRL, company established in December 2000 by Milica Rafalet Corneliu and Milica Rafalet Radu, whose object of activity was wholesale trade of construction materials and sanitary fittings, where Daniel Anghel, Ionut's uncle, became a partner in 2007 with 90% of the shares, and Ionut's father became a partner in 2008 with 5%, managed to conclude several business agreements with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest in 2006 and 2007, worth hundreds of thousands of LEI. The first business agreement owned by Ionut's uncle at that time, concluded with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest on October 25 2007, stipulated that Convan would supply metallic chests worth in excess of LEI 25,000. The second trade agreement between the Mayoralty run by Videanu and Convan was concluded the same day, October 25 2007, for the supply of carpets worth in excess of LEI 93,000. The third business agreement between the General Mayoralty and Convan was signed four days later for products supply with a view to purchasing carpentry materials for the execution of maintenance works for buildings belonging to the General Mayoralty, a business agreement worth LEI 174,840.75 including VAT. Two weeks later, on November 15 2007, Convan concluded a fourth business agreement with the General Mayoralty of Bucharest for electrical networks maintenance works worth in excess of LEI 12,000.

Oprescu stopped the business conducted with the Anghel family companies

The business activities of the Anghel family with the General Mayoralty were stopped soon after the election of Sorin Oprescu as General Mayor of Bucharest, when the new Mayor ran an audit for all the expenditures of his predecessors and publicly denounced the business agreements with Convan as detrimental to the General Mayoralty. Oprescu also informed the media that an older business agreement had been concluded with Convan in 2006 for OLD LEI 1,2 billion for the rehabilitation of the central heating network, while the company was not authorized by the competent authorities to perform such works. Consequently, the General Mayoralty was compelled to conclude a new business agreement with a different company to solve the problems created by Convan.

The owner of the Tei land, in open conflict with the associate of Ionut's father

Ionut's father failed to mention in public that he knew the owner of the land in the proximity of Tei Park where the tragedy of the little boy allegedly happened. According to documents in the possession of ZIUAnews, the associate of Ionut's father and uncle in other companies, Milica Rafalet Corneliu, owned Consproiect Group SRL, company that was involved in a commercial lawsuit started by Transporturi Tei Auto SRL for failure of payment. Transporturi Tei Auto SRL is a company owned by Constantin Ciorascu, who is also a manager of Laguna Tei, the company that owns the land in the proximity of Tei Park where Ionut allegedly died. Transporturi Auto Tei was also part of a lawsuit started in 2011 against the General Mayoralty run by Oprescu.

Ionut's father spoke on TV about the owner of the land but failed to mention he knew him or that they had indirect business relations. More, Anghel did not accused the owner of the land, claiming Ciorascu did not have the legal responsibility to raise a fence around the land and that the tragedy happened because of the homeless dogs. Valentin Anghel said it was completely the fault of the authorities, although he knew the land was the private property of Laguna Tei!

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