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Update: Operation Da Vinci. Dan Radu Rusanu detained by prosecutors. DNA demands approval to start criminal indictment against Daniel Chitoiu

Postat la: 21.03.2014 - 12:44 | Scris de: Ziua News


Update 15.00: Dan Radu Rusanu was detained by the DNA (National Anticorruption Department) prosecutors who will ask in court for Rusanu to be remanded in custody.

Update 14.33: In the same criminal case the DNA prosecutors demand the approval to start the criminal indictment against Daniel Chitoiu for crimes such as abuse of office and formation of an organized crime group while he was a Minister of Public Finance.

By Voichita Rascanu

The DNA prosecutors established the final details of an ample anticorruption case meant to whistle clean the money-making system in Romania. Given that the act of justice may be negotiated, as stipulated by the New Criminal code, the Operation Da Vinci aims at removing the mould in the insurance and justice systems, as well as at repositioning decision factors in the two systems.

ZIUAnews presents a map of the corruption and organized crime case that involves directly the wing run by Dan Radu Rusanu, thus giving the scalpel of justice a good place to cut.

See here the organized crime case file of the wing run by Dan Radu Rusanu.

It remains unclear why prosecutors called this investigation Operation Da Vinci, but it is likely they got their inspiration from Dan Brown's famous novel, The Da Vinci Code, a clear sign that the prosecutors intend to reveal dark and shady connections, since they are to distinguish between the dirty names and names remained clear, the latter to be subsequently used in running the insurance markets.

Dan Radu Rusanu, key-figure of the case

Dan Radu Rusanu, essential player in the PNL (National Liberal Party) and Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Board, has been accused by the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) prosecutors of the formation of an organized crime group and accessory to abuse of office. According to the investigators, Rusanu was behind the Emergency Decree project for the sole reason of protecting the interests of Carpatica Asig, owned by businessman Ilie Carabulea. Carabulea as well was remanded in custody as requested by the DNA prosecutors for the formation of an organized crime group, influence peddling, bribery and other crimes.

Rusanu claimed he did not know Carabulea, but the relations' network around the two men is close, although not necessarily directly connected.

The Emergency Decree was endorsed by Rusanu's godson Daniel Chitoiu, former Minister of Public Finance. Laura Elena Chitoiu, Daniel Chitoiu's wife and member of the Rusanu-run ASF (Financial Supervisory Board), is under criminal investigation for abuse of office for having attempted to change the result of an internal ASF competition so as Ina Crudu could become Head of Carpatica Asig, at the request of Marian Marzac and Radu Mustetea. Crudu and Mustetea worked together as directors of Astra Asigurari, company belonging to Dan Adamescu, and later moved to Carpatica Asig in 2012. According to prosecutors, Marzac was financially endorsed and supported by businessman Ilie Carabulea to obtain his ASF position.

Carabulea, Aldea and Vlasov's money

Carpatica Asig is a company owned by businessman Ilie Carabulea who started and developed his business and relations' netowrk in Sibiu only to later cover the entire country. Two of the people close to Carabulea are Gheorghe Aldea, important businessman in Sibiu with interests from food industry to real estate, and Marcel rusu, former Chairman of the Sibiu County Court of Law. As awkward as these connections may seem, given the difference of rank and status, the sly businessman knew exactly how to constantly extend his relations' network and to keep his friends interested.

Gheorghe Aldea's company, Retezat SA, was paid in 2011 one of the highest rents Romania pays for the good functioning of a court of law, with the knowledge and support of Marcel Rusu, Chairman of the Sibiu County Court of Law. The Sibiu Court of Law was moved into a building let by Retezat SA, company whose owner admitted in official documents that the sole object of activity of his company was to let the office building to the court of law.

Gheorghe Aldea, local businessman, was a member of the Sibiu County Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board run at that time by Mihail Vlasov. Aldea took an EUR 700,000 loan from Mihail Vlasov's wife, Viviana in 2011 to be returned in 2013. As he did not return the money, Viviana Vlasov started a legal action to retrieve the money while lobbying to Mona Pivniceru, her good friend and Minister of Justice due to the PNL support, to subordinate the Registrar of Commerce to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Marcel Rusu is a magistrate that somehow always managed to slip through the fingers of DNA Alba County prosecutors in many cases. However, Marcel Rusu, now a simple judge, has recently become isolated and concerned about an investigation to be started for him. Rusu admitted that he is a good friend of Mircea Pavelescu, whose son has been investigated in a drug trafficking case. Marcel Rusu was Chairman of Sibiu County Court of Law at the time of the investigation on Pavelescu Jr., as well as the judge who issued the taping warrants in the case. According to prosecutors of the case, a conversation was taped between between Mircea Pavelescu and his son soon after the taping warrants were issued, where Pavelescu Senior demanded Pavelescu Junior to follow Marcel's advice and not use the phone. Rusu denied any sabotage of the DIICOT prosecutors' investigation but admitted being a friend of Pavelescu's, the latter being subsequently appointed Vice-Chairman of AVAS by former PM Emil Boc.

Carabulea, Ariton, Apostu, Kovesi and their money

Businessman Ilie Carabulea, owner of Atlassib, Carpatica Asig and other companies, has also been as of 2005 the main financier and sponsor of CSU Sibiu basketball team, now known as CS Atlassib Sibiu, which costs EUR 600,000-800,000 per year. However, Carabulea has been a unofficial sponsor of the team since 2000, as public local authorities often admitted. Ion Ariton, former Director of Petrom Sibiu, was the financial manager of the CSU Sibiu team in 2004. In other words he managed the money paid by Carabulea as sponsorship, while he was also a collaborator of Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, where he somehow obtained to get a Bach


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