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Communist-style business, worth EUR 8 million

Postat la: 24.11.2011 - 23:00 | Scris de: ZIUA NEWS



Marian Francu, the man helped to reach the position by the Military Department of the Communist Party Main Body in the former ICE Dunarea has managed to grab the Sinaia gondola • Dunarea SA has built the gondola • Dunarea IFN mediated the financing • Both companies are owned by Marian Francu • Gheorghe Nastasia, old acquaintance of the communist “Securitate”, is Francu’s tie in the financial system which implies several former activists of Communist Party and members of the Secret Service under Ceausescu • Bartolomeu Finis, Dan Lucian Victor and Petre Ion are landmarks in a white-collar Mob scheme, connected to Camorra, along with Dorin Cocos, Alexandru Bittner and, expectedly, Elena Udrea • They all pursue the transfer of Sinaia gondola from public property to private property


Former Securitate officers, involved in economic espionage and the management of the Securitate funds constituted a financial network that grabbed the Sinaia gondola. The brain of this scheme is Costin Marian Francu, owner of Dunarea SA and Dunarea IFN, issued from the former Securitate Foreign Trade Company, Dunarea. All leads connected to former officers take to Minister Elena Udrea and her husband,  Dorin Cocos, as will show. 
The Sinaia Local authorities lost the gondola in favour of the leasing company, Dunarea IFN, for not having paid the last instalment, worth 300,000 EUR, out of the EUR 7,6 million contract. The gondola will end in the property of a network of former Securitate officers, or offsprings of members of the Communist Party Main Body Military Department, like Marian Francu, Petre Ion and Bartolomeu Finis. Also, an important role in this matter is played by Gheorghe Nastasia, Secretary General in the MRDT, former Securitate officer prior to 89, currently national defense and security expert, subsequent to graduating from National Defense University Carol I, just like his superior, Elena Udrea. Nastasia is a close friend not only of Francu, but also of Sinaia PDL MP, Cristian Burlacu.
How they built the gondola
Sinaia gondola game up as a project in the convention made agreed upon by the current Mayor of Sinaia, PNL member Vlad Oprea and several PDL representatives that were undergoing highly profitable activities in the area. The auction won by Dunarea SA, which started the project, was the first step  in intertwinement in gondola business  between Mayor Oprea and the Government party. When it comes to numbers, Sinaia gondola is: local authorities contribution – EUR 2,3 milion, Volskbank leasing, via Dunarea IFN – EUR 5,5 milion. Out of these amounts, EUR 2,2 milion represents VAT plus interest.
Oprea, Cristian Boureanu MP (PDL), Cristian Burlacu MP (PDL), Gheorghe Oprea (father of the Sinaia Mayor) were, initially, close and business partners. All in realestate. When Dunarea SA started building the gondola, every single businessman in Sinaia rubbed his hands with joy, thinking of the profit adjant to works, from the concrete factory owned by the Sinaia Mayior family, Privacons SRL, to CVS Constructii si Imobiliare SRL, in which Boureanu was also working with the Opreas, to companies using day-labourer. 
Three years later, the gondola project was going slow. Because the company in charge with studying the resistance and stability of the soil failed in thoroughly analizing certain areas that presented a high risk of soil erosion. In 2009, a pole moves downward. In 2010, one more. In 2011, the initial constructors of the gondola reached a devastating conclusion:  the location of the gondola has to be changed. As always, trouble started from money issues: who should pay for the mouving? Mayor Vlad Oprea, stated for that he had previously warned for the possibility of such troubles to arrive. ”I told them, as early of 2007 and put it in writing that the soil is not appropriate and they should mind the position”, Vlad Oprea declared. The Dunarea SA representative, Gheorghe Francu, replied that it did not concern them, and the cost of the work should be supported by the Beneficiary, namely Transport Urban Sinaia, a company controlled by Vlad Oprea, through a 19 year old.
Communists and Securitate members intertweaned
However, old communists, seized the potential in the mistake made by the Mayor, by not paying the mandatory leasing fees; consequently, Marian Francu, owner of “Dunarea SA” and “Dunarea IFN”, came to a Local Council meeting last week, asking to let the ground under the gondola. As the Local Council declined, Francu threatened to take his gondola and leave. 
In order to fix the mistake, Mayor Oprea paid up the owed instalments, hired “Musat & Asociatii” low firm to represent his interests and started accusing all PDL representatives of criminal actions, from the Government representative in the department to former business partners. Nevertheslless, Francu endorsed by police officers and the Department Head, Adrian Dobre, intended to take away the gondola. 
The Court gave justice to the Mayor, mouving the battlefield over a business worth EUR 8 million, tax payers’ money.
Dunarea network
“Dunarea IFN” is owned by Costin Marian Francu, son of a former Securitate general, also known as ”the white communist”. Francu ownes 99,96% of the shares, the rest being owned by Marilena Francu and Bogdan Sabin Francu. The three of the above also own “Dunarea SA”, the company that built the Sinaia gondola.
“Dunarea IFN” and “Dunarea SA” are not the only companies owned by Marian Francu. He also ownes shares in “Agrement Moieciu”, “Apotheca Naturale”, “Kronstadt SKI, Muz Truck & Bus”, “Vlarom Utiltrans” and “Eco Solution Srl”, in which he partners with Dan Lucian Victor, who is the manager of the company. A character who, as you will see, is part of the businessman around Elena Udrea – Dorin Cocoș.
The Godson of Bartolomeu Finis
Dan Lucian Victor, involved in the Mamaia SA scandal, is the godson of the famous businessman Bartolomeu Finis, also an acquaintance of Alexandru Bittner and Udrea-Cocos. Thus, Bartolomeu Finis’ wife, Carmen Mihaela and a certain Petre Ion are associates in Domino 94 Impex SRL company. The name of Petre Ion may not tell us much, but he is one of the closest persons to Elena Udrea and Dorin Cocos.
From Bucsaru to Cocos
Petre Ion ownes shares in over 20 companies, in many of them being partner with Alexandru Bittner. In Lipsca 2000 SRL, Petre Ion and Stefan Bogdan Lucov are partners, Petre Ion with  50%, and Lucov with 0,5%, and Orion Oil Group SA ownes 49% of the shares. The latter is owned by Stefan Bogdan Lucov and Steluta Lucov. Bogdan Lucov’s wife, Steluța, partners in “D&D Global SRL” with Anca Dinu, Steluta Lucov having 25% Anca Dinu (75%). The original shareholders were Ramona Magdalena Bucsaru (daughter of businessman Dumitru Bucsaru, known as close acquaintance of Udrea – Cocos) with 25%, Anca Dinu with 50% and Gabriel Mihnea Lucov with 25%. The latter is brother of Stefan Bogdan Lucov and manager of Lipsca 2000 SRL. Gabriel Mihnea Lucov is also the Godson of Dorin Cocos.
One can also find Stefan Bogdav Lucov shareholder in “Trei Cocoși Complex International SRL”, who’s manager is Alin Gabriel Ulrich, the son of Olimpia Ulrich. The latter being also partner in Domino 94 Impex with Petre Ion and  Bartolomeu Finis’ wife.
On the other side, the names of Udrea and Cocos are closely related to the “Trei Cocosi”. Udrea and Cocos are former partners in this company with Alexandru Bittner, but they took a step aside in 2002. They were replaced by Petre Ion, who also used to be their partner in Elan Group, that is no longer in activity. We should also state that Stefan Lucov’s wife, Steluta, was a shareholder in the wellknown company, Dalli Exim, along Radu Jianu and Cerga Nastase.
Connections to Camorra
Dan Lucian Victor, Godson of Bartolomeu Finis and partner of Marian Francu, has connections with the Camorra rep in Romania, Giosue Castellano, grandson of the first female leader of Camorra, Puppeta Maresca. Dan Lucian Victor and Giosue Castellano are associates in “Perfect Team Net”, company that ownes the “Bamboo” cloub network. 
We must state that despite the fact that tried to obtain an official statement on this matter from Minister Elena Udrea, a MDRT rep informed us that misses Udrea was unable to give us any statement, as she was in Israel.
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