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Magistrates' protest at Bucharest Court of Appeals ends

Postat la: 18.12.2017 - 20:15 | Scris de: Ziua News


The protest at the Justice Palace which was organised on Monday afternoon by judges and prosecutors from several courts and prosecutor's offices ended. The protest, which unfolded quietly, lasted almost one hour and gathered around 700 magistrates, who stood on the stairs of the Justice Palace.

The demonstrators displayed sheets containing provisions of the Justice Laws, but also their magistrate oath. Some of them lit the flashlights of their mobile phones. Across the street, there were some protesters belonging to the "Resist" group who chanted "Justice!," but they didn't join the magistrates.

Throughout the protest, the cars that passed by the area honked. At the end, everyone applauded. In a couple of minutes, the area outside the Justice Palace was emptied. The manifestation was carried out without any incidents. Gendarmes were present at the scene.

Prosecutor Antonia Diaconu, who attended the protest, stated that MPs should take into account what magistrates say, but also the common people's opinion. She motivated her participation in the protest by wanting the magistrates be left to do their job unimpeded.

When asked what she would do if the laws got cleared, Antonia Diaconu responded: "We hope they won't be adopted, because this is why we got here. As you very well know, I don't think that after the Revolution was there any protest of magistrates. Therefore, this is why we came here, because we hope that those who now have the possibility to hear us and the citizens do something so that things go back on the right track."


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