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Basescu: PMP against any decrease in EU's subsidies for agriculture

Postat la: 16.05.2019 - 00:16 | Scris de: Ziua News


The People's Movement Party (PMP) is against any decrease in the European Union's financial resources for the common agricultural policy, the project of establishing an EU army being not credible, PMP honorary chair Traian Basescu said on Wednesday in Brasov.

"It is the concept of Emmanuel Macron, who proposes the establishment of a European army that would allow to break with the USA from a military point of view. (...) We are against such a concept for many reasons: the first and most important is agriculture. It is the common agricultural policy that guarantees EU's meeting the food needs of the nearly 500 million citizens (...) at an acceptable price. That is why we are against any reduction in resources for the common agricultural policy, in other words the subsidies for agriculture. The second reason - we do not see credible a EU army for a simple reason: the military resources of the European states are engaged in the NATO planning system, because 22 EU member states are also NATO members, including some big powers: the United Kingdom is still in the EU, France, Italy, Germany," Basescu said.

The former head of state stressed that "you cannot practically destroy NATO by withdrawing the resources of the European countries made available to the Alliance" and that Romania's participation in it is "the safest way to guarantee our security."

The PMP leader stressed that "NATO has so far not raised any question mark about the viability of the Alliance and its capacity to guarantee peace in Europe."

"The idea with the European army is an error, even with Mr Macron's statements that it will be a complementary army. Of course, many things are complementary in this world, but an army that defends the EU and has nuclear deterrence can only be an army that is integrated into NATO, in NATO with the USA as the leader of the organization," the PMP leader said.

On the other hand, Basescu reiterated the idea of the establishment of an EU Border Police as a solution to the problem of migration, "a Border Police equipped with staff and means, sufficient naval means to oversee the borders and to protect them".

PMP honorary chair Traian Basescu was in Brasov on Wednesday to meet with the party members in the county, an occasion to present the PMP's action plan for the European Parliament.

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