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FinMin Citu: We will increase pensions in 2020 by the largest amount Romanians ever seen

Postat la: 13.08.2020 - 20:48 | Scris de: Ziua News


Pensions will increase in 2020 by the largest amount that Romanians have ever seen and that is added to the pension point, the Minister of Finance, Florin Citu, told a press conference on budget rectification.

"From the first moment I said that we will increase pensions in 2020 and today I am here to tell you that yes, in Romania, pensions will increase in 2020. The pension point, the value of the point will have the largest increase, the largest amount that we will ever see added to the pension point and that we have ever saw added to the pension point. Because PSD has never increased pensions by this amount, although it had periods of economic growth one after the other, for three years, and not thanks to them but thanks to the international economic context and they still did not increase the pensions by this amount," said Citu.

He stressed that, despite the difficult global economic context, the government has managed to increase pensions in addition to allowances.

"In this difficult global economic context we are going through, we have managed to make this effort and increase the pensions, in addition to increasing the allowances, by the highest amount that Romanians have ever seen added to the pension point. "I challenge Mr Ciolacu to find another country that makes such efforts in economic crisis, increases pensions and allowances with the sums that this government makes," added the Chief of Finance.

Florin Citu did not specify in the conference the percentage by which the pension point will increase.

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