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LocalElections2020/BEC - partial data, 9.00 am: Armand, Mihaiu, Ciucu, Negoita, Baluta, Piedone - still winners

Postat la: 29.09.2020 - 10:16 | Scris de: Ziua News


The candidates supported by PNL (National Liberal Party) and USR PLUS (Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity, Solidarity Party) for the office of mayor of districts 1, 2 and 6 of the Capital City, namely Clotilde Armand, Radu Mihaiu and Ciprian Ciucu - remain the ones who garnered most votes in Sunday's elections, while Robert Negoita (Pro Bucuresti 2020) collected most votes in district 3, Daniel Baluta (Social Democratic Party - PSD) collected the most votes in district 4 and Cristian Popescu Piedone (Humanist Power Party - Social Liberal - PPU-SL) collected the most votes in district 5, according to the partial data centralized by BEC (Central Electoral Bureau), until Tuesday, 9.00 am.

In district 1, after counting 94.93pct of the votes, Clotilde Armand has 41.06pct, Daniel Tudorache (PSD) - 39.72pct, and Ioana Constantin (PMP) - 7.75pct.

In district 2, after the centralization of 97.55pct of the votes, Radu Mihaiu has 36.91pct, Dan Cristian Popescu (PSD) - 31.50pct, and Neculai Ontanu (the alliance between the Adhere to Democracy Education and Reconstruction Party and PPU-SL) - 14.06pct.

In district 3, after counting 95.97pct of the votes, Robert Negoita took 43.75pct of the votes, Adrian Moraru (PNL - USR PLUS) - 28.44pct, and Aurelian Badulescu (PSD) - 13.71pct.

After counting 98.09pct of the votes, in district 4, Daniel Baluta garnered 57.03pct, and Simona Spataru (PNL - USR PLUS) - 29.88pct.

In district 5, after counting 97.30pct of the votes, Cristian Popescu Piedone has 28.08pct, Daniel Florea (PSD) - 25.64pct, and Cristian Bacanu (PNL - USR PLUS) - 25.24pct.

In district 6, where 98.12pct of the votes were centralized, Ciprian Ciucu took 43.40pct, Gabriel Mutu (PSD) - 34.56pct and Stefan Florescu (PMP) - 7.68pct.

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