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  • Children's Crusade. Iulia Ionescu ran away from her home following advice in the religion textbook

    19/03/2014, ora 10:53 0

    Iulia Ionescu, a secondary school pupil, ran away from her home following advice in the religion textbook. The textbook used to teach religion to Iulia and her classmates at Sfantul Sava Secondary School has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Research and was written in partnership with Romanian Patriarchate. Children are taught to obey the priests and the state, as well as to go to church, or else they commit deadly sins. Worshipping God and supporting the Orthodox Church are guidance lines for the young people, both found in the textbook.

  • Traian Basescu broke the Social-Liberal Union (USL) to block the new Constitution

    19/03/2014, ora 10:47 0

    Victor Ponta's plan, after Traian Basescu's success in blocking the promotion of the new Constitution by breaking Crin Antonescu's USL, is to gather all the right-wing groups around Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Along Tariceanu and two more important Liberals, Ponta will be able to give a new Constitution to the people, thus turning Romania from a semi-presidential system to a parliamentary republic. Therefore, should the new Constitution pass, Traian Basescu will remain in history as the last dictator.

  • Eugen Nicolaescu to privatize the Healthcare System with public EUR billions. See below the political mob group in the Ministry of Health

    25/02/2014, ora 11:58 0

    Eugen Nicolaescu decided to privatize the Romanian Healthcare System by using EUR 14 billions of state funds. More than Oltchim and CFR Marfa, the Healthcare system will receive an enormous amount to be restored and prepared for a subsequent sale.

  • Daniel Chitoiu illegally turned the National Agency for Fiscal Administration into a new Prosecutor's Office

    25/02/2014, ora 11:54 0

    Daniel Chitoiu proposed a new decree to the Government enabling fiscal inspectors to enter each citizen's house and verify the owned assets. The search warrant will be issued by a judge at any moment of the day or night for each fiscally suspect citizen. The regular citizen will have to prove that his fiscal statements are compliant with the actual situation. The right to justice and the right to a fair trial are simply trodden unfer foot, turning Romanian citizens into prisoners of a dictatorial fiscal system.

  • Exclusive: Dan Laurentiu Ciurel, General Director of Complex Energetic Oltenia (largest state-owned coal energy producer), wastes hundreds of EUR millions and jeopardizes 20,000 jobs

    14/02/2014, ora 10:52 1

    Romania lost EUR 170 millions from the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) because of the General Director of Complex Energetic Oltenia, plus EUR 4 millions in fees for not using the EBRD loan.

  • Counterfeit Pegasys Traffic - Attempted Capital Murder

    13/02/2014, ora 10:22 0

    A counterfeit medicine traffic network operates in Romania, jeopardizing the life of people who suffer from Hepatitis B and C. The Romanian authorities, from the National Medicine Agency to the legal structures, police and prosecutors, are all overwhelmed. 

  • Exclusive: The New Criminal Code, resemblant to the RICO Law - The potential criminal case of Basescu Clan

    11/02/2014, ora 11:27 0

    The structure of the new Criminal Code allows prosecutors build up criminal cases in a similar way to their American counterparts who use the US RICO Law. The resemblances between the two criminal laws include the potential investigation of all crime groups local or central, sentencing the leader that ordered the crimes, recovering the loss and confiscating the complete wealth of the group. Romanian laws do not define concepts as mob or mob groups, but we have clans. While mob structures are based on business, faith or abilities in the USA and other countries, religious ceremonies certify the unification of clans, taking the shape of weddings and baptisms.

  • Exclusive: Mircea Dusa, Minister of Defense, refused to order the rescue of the Apuseni Mountains airplane crash victims

    09/02/2014, ora 12:54 0

    The victims of the Apuseni Mountains airplane crash could have been found in less than an hour after the airplane fell to the ground. Pilot officer Aura Ion would have lived. The wounded passengers would not have suffered from cold for hours while the rescue teams wandered through the woods, it results from exclusive declarations of military sources for ZIUAnews, explaining how Minister of Defense Mircea Dusa could have saved, by a simple order, at least one life.

  • Exclusive: Ion Cilea, Chairman of Valcea County Council, blocked the use of EUR 122 millions of European funds. See below how he deliberately planned to avoid the National Integrity Agency law

    09/02/2014, ora 12:47 0

    The Chairman of the Valcea County Council blocked EUR 122 millions of European money of the county development funds. Ion Calea, also PSD (Socialist Democratic Party) Vice-Chairman, blocks the activity of a private company limited by shares for the only faulty of failing to include his protege. Cilea planned to avoid the ANI law by a clever manoeuvre of using a sole entity to work throughout the county.

  • Exclusive: Traian Berbeceanu taped and listened hundreds of telephone stations belonging to dignitaties for over four years

    11/11/2013, ora 12:05 0

    ZIUAnews is in the possession of elements from an ample intelligence-judiciary investigation carried on by the SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) in the last four years, proving that Traian Berbeceanu, former Head of BCCO (Brigade for Fight Against Organized Crime) Alba County monitorred and taped simultaneously 800 telephones belonging to high state officials and politicians in the counties of Alba, Sibiu and Hunedoara. Laura Codruta Kovesi, current Chief Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Department and former Chief of DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) Sibiu County, is currently under investigation in a criminal case along with Berbeceanu, arrested last week for having supported mob groups. The current case against the former Head of BCCO Alba County for having supported and joined a mob group is based on tapings, surveillances, criminal investigations carried not only by DIICOT Alba County but also SRI (National Intelligence Service) and DGIPI (General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection within the Ministry of Interior). The entire intelligence ensemble leads to the idea that this action is not only a battle between local mob interests groups, but a battle which is fought at a very high political level.

  • Ion Bazac lies about NOT having promoted the healthcare copayment through a pyramid scheme

    05/11/2013, ora 11:40 0

    Ion Bazac, former Minister of Health, claims to be clueless about the promotion of the healthcare copayment through a pyramid scheme. However, images and documents in the possession of ZIUAnews prove the contrary. Bazac's lawyers urged ZIUAnews to cease publishing all articles on the former Minister of Health. Bazac attended several debates on copayment, organized by the company owned by Austrian-born Bernhard Neumaier, the man behind the medical insurance pyramid scheme.

  • CFR Jolly Joker

    22/09/2013, ora 10:45 0

    CFR (Romanian Railway Company)private manager, George Micu, appointed by Relu Fenechiu, former Minister of Transport, is also Deputy General Manager of CFR Marfa (Romanian Railway Freight Transport Company) AND a Board member of CFR Calatori (Railway Passenger Transport company). George Micu is paid a total of more than EUR 12,000 for his performances. The Control Body of former PM Emil Boc and Ministry of Labour confirmed in writing that George Micu had illegally signed in 2011 five Board Decisions while he was an interim manager of CFR Marfa, appointed by Anca Boagiu.